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Hi Dusty -- Well it is a novel approach, but it might be hard to draw 
subjective information from a survey of style sheets on the net -- for example, 
suppose a Christmas site contains a background image of raindeer on a snowy 
landscape with bits of red and green to add color.  Well, raindeer are light 
brown and snow is white, so would the search engine conclude that white and 
brown, the predominant colors, are Christmas colors?
Anyway, just a thought -- Perhaps I should go to your site and read what you 
Anyway, happy hacking.

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  Ya know, this is a another problem i've been wanting to address for a while.  
Like Laura suggested, i believe CSS is the answer.  The only problem is 
selecting the correct CSS for the right mood / occasion.

  i think i wrote about this plan on my website, and i'm curious if this method 
would help:  First, a Web crawler could scour the Internet for as many 
style-sheets as it can find.  Then a program could use some basic machine 
learning to categorize them.  The algorithm might even consider the content of 
the pages which use the CSS.  For instance, the language of a Web page could be 
given a rating between "casual" and "professional".  If certain color 
combinations are used more frequently, we can assume these schemes are more 
readable.  After the style-sheets are categorized, the user could search for 
the best scheme based on some criteria.  For instance, a user may want a 90% 
professional and 100% readable scheme.  Or maybe the user wants a scheme for 
Halloween or Christmas.

  What do you all think?  Too bad i never have time to implement half the stuff 
i want to.  i'd like to know if any of my ideas would actually help.  Hmmm...


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  > Subject: colors and backgrounds for web pages
  > Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 08:00:31 -0800
  > Hi everyone,
  > Sighted people are giving me a hard time because my web pages aren't
  > breathing fires of colorful flames! *smile* Where can I go, or what should
  > I study to learn about colors and backgrounds for web pages? Also, is this
  > something that blind people can really do? Or, will I need lots of sighted
  > assistance?
  > With All Respect,
  > Upshaw, LaMar T
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