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The first thing to ask is what kind of website are you trying to make. What kind of website you are trying to put out to the people needs to be a determining factor because you wouldn't want a banking website to have a red background with brite green text. Why you might ask? Because when people are visiting a banking website a rule of advertising for them is they want to come across as secure and stable. So for that most of them will just use the standard black text on a white background. I am going to try to help by associating a color with a mood and see if that helps.

red= A color that is for fun things, like a clown's red nose, a red ball.
blue = the color of the sky or ocean. Think of how you feel when you visit either but keep in mind that when in the water although sighted people can see underwater it is a bit hard to see unless you have a mask. green = an earthen color, the color of grass, trees etc. Green text however doesn't work unless you have a dark dark background color. Also for mixed colors like green, blue and yellow make green, it is always a good idea not to use either color that make up a certain color with the color that they make. For example you would not want to have green text on a yellow background. That would make things a bit hard to see. You could however have yellow text on a blue background. Why you might ask? Because it is also another rule of thumb to have either a dark color as a background and a light color as text or vice versa. Yellow = it is the color of the sun, many times it can be very bright, other times rather soothing to the eyes again depending on the time of day, and its background. You can use yellow as a background color quite effectively with black text if it is a light but not too bright yellow background. Why you might ask, just associate yellow as day and black as night. So yes, yellow text on a black background will also work. black= well for some of us black is probably pretty self explanatory. Black means no light can pass through. A black background can be used if contrasted with a bright color such as yellow, green, red, orange. To fully understand black you have to also understand the mood associated with it. To some black is scary, to some black is also a mysterious color. You must also understand black in the way that it works in the sense of a computer monitor. All televisions and monitors work off of the same principal. There are 3 colors that can make every color that is visible on a screen. Red, green and blue. The description of how the aliens could see in HG Wells' War of the Worlds still amazes me considering when the book was actually written. Basically what you have with red green and blue are three colors that can make any other color when mixed together with varying brightnesses. Now back to the black, black on a computer monitor is produced when you drop the brightness of all three colors down to zero. OK I will shut up now, I do hope to write a book one day on the subject so I don't want to give it all away in a single email, but I hope it made a little sense to some.
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I normally just take the suggestions of one or two sighted people about colors, then ask others what they think and go with the color(s) that most liked. It isn't a clean way of doing it and is far from independant, but it is the best I have seen. I also have enough vision to imagine what things might look like, so if I know I want to use black and orange on a page I can picture (sort of) what black text on orange would look like and then orange on black. You might also want a scheme like this, then use js to allow the viewer to dynamically change the scheme.

Have a great day,

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Hi everyone,

Sighted people are giving me a hard time because my web pages
breathing fires of colorful flames! *smile*  Where can I go, or
what should
I study to learn about colors and backgrounds for web pages?
Also, is this
something that blind people can really do? Or, will I need lots
of sighted

With All Respect,
Upshaw, LaMar T

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