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where is the checkbox for intellisense? didn't find it.

Bryan Schulz

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  Hi Brian:
  That is the Output Window that holds the Error Window stuff. You can never 
get rid of it totally from my experience but you can reduce it's impact on your 
work by doing a few things.
  The options you want to play with are in the Options TreeView for the IDE.
  You get there from the Menu Bar:
  Tools>Options: Hit enter:
  The Options TreeView comes up and you can up or down cursor tto get on a 
tabbable item then,
  Tab and make sure Show All Settings checkbox is checked.
  Tab back to the list of Tabbed Items and,
  Under TextEditor:
  Under VB specific:
  Tab and uncheck auto insert of end constructs, pretty listing, enable auto 
error correction Suggestions.
  Then tab and click OK or continue to set the options for CSharp,
  Under the CSharp:
  Under Advanced:
  Underline Errors In the Editor, show live symantic errors, perhaps the 
  Under Intellisense:
  Set the appropriate options for how you want it to work.
  When done you tab and hit ok on any Tabbed item and all the changes will be 
applied. You also should have made other changes to the IDE to make it more 
Screen Reader friendly and set each and every window you encounter to a Tabbed 
Document if you use that approach. 
  It has been a long time since I played with the IDE settings, I have them set 
the way I like them using Windoweyes and I did not set the CSharp options since 
I do not use CSharp anymore.
  You should do the following:
  Make a change to one or two of the settings at a time. Record the change in a 
text document so you can note what it does as you continue working and, or set 
everything back if you want to later. 
  Keep results of each change in the text document for a reference as to what 
each setting did when changed. 
  Send me the text document when done so I can add the results to my docs for 
other users downline. 
  I do not think you will ever totally get rid of the Output Window but you 
should be able to work-around it pretty well. I think there are some other 
settings that might help but these are the ones I remember by taking a quick 
peek at my settings in Visual Web Developer.
  Rick USA

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    Subject: code window

    hi all,

    So who had two days in the pool of when will he ask about the irritating 
code window?
    using 2008 express:
    i thought i had it beat by reclassing it to multi line edit and that is a 
start but you can't code one f'n letter wrong or complete a line before the 
error alert pops up.
    so how can you get any coding done and how you move up/down the list of 
options after you type a period like txtUserName.xxxxx?

    Bryan Schulz

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