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Well, minus how big anything else is, this *is* a big project for me, as I 
haven't done much developing from scratch. I have played with smawg and others, 
but it I never messed with them to much, so the request still stands from 
anyone who would be willing to hhelp out.
Tyler Littlefield
        Twitter: sorressean

On Apr 14, 2010, at 12:04 PM, Ken Perry wrote:

> My commercial mud in 1994 was 120k lines of code it is down to 64k because I
> have been streamlining it.  I will say we have a full compiler and
> everything so there is a reason ours is so large but you're not even close
> to big yet.
> Ken
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> Hello,
> My mud has just passed 5.4k lines of code, which isn't all that much by
> itself, but for me it feels like a lot, and it's starting to feel kind of
> cluttered.
> I'm not sure if this is me, or if it actually is; I' hoping it's due to my
> lack of experience with larger projects. A lot of the code is largely
> untested, as I need so many things in place to be able to get something else
> working, so beyond "it compiles," until I get more systems in place that
> will work with the other systems there that haven't been tested, I can't say
> much for how it should run.
> My question was if someone would be willing to do a sort of review, look at
> the code and give their thoughts on it. Either what was done good, what was
> done wrong and how they would fix it, preferably why it was wrong, etc. It
> would be really helpful, and I would add you to the credits of course.
> That all said, I'll give a bit of an overview of the project.
> Basically, what I'm building is a mud, which for those who don't know, is an
> online text-based game that multiple people can play. Rather than building a
> full mud though, the idea is to allow people to take my engine of sorts, and
> build their game off of it, so the goal is to be light-weight, flexible and
> easily extendable. I am working for more of the bare-bones approach, in the
> sense that the systems that I implement will only be systems that the game
> can use, and won't actually influence the type of game. This means I'm
> avoiding races (As the person may not even want races), combat, skills, etc,
> and aiming to make basic versions of a player, NPC, etc that can be enhanced
> or kept as-is through the game design of the end-user.
> For those brave enough to dive into my code, most of my code is in the
> unstable branch until I get a lot of these systems up and working to the
> point where I can label them stable. You can pull it down with svn with the
> following address:
> svn://
> There is also a website for this project at:
> which covers in more detail what I did above.
>               Thanks,
> Tyler Littlefield
>       Twitter: sorressean
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