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From what I've seen four is more normal, but then if Google uses a standard of two who am I to argue.

Besides, with Python it is simple to write a script to change indentation to anything you like from anything else.

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On Thu, 3 Apr 2008, rrdinger wrote:

I also use two spaces. And as to how I use Python without Braille, I use the

Hi Richard,

Oh good. So I'm not following a bad style?

feature in jaws that announces indentation level. This feature announces when indentation changes as you move through the code. If you forget what level you are at do a SayLine and it wil tell you as well as reading the line.

That's good to know and sounds like a very good idea.

I'm on linux and just use braille to program with some very basic speech...
Actually  I use braille for pretty much everything else too...
I'm just not sure how I will program on my laptop with out braille. Perhaps i can use orca and write a python script to speak indentation, but then I will be forced to work in a gui and I prefer the cli. Anyway I guess I could do that if I had to, hopefully i have the display for all my programming!

Thanks for the reply!

Daniel Dalton
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