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Two does not make Python complain. If you are going to let sighted people
read your code, you might want to change it to four right before that.


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I'm learning python and know a bit of c.
Is the following code ok?
Like is it fine to use 2 spaces for indenting instead of four?
I prefer 2 personally since I read braille...
So is this just a personal choice?

BTW how do you guys code in python with out braille?
Its quite white-space dependent...

Anyway is this code ok re white space?


i = 2
if i == 2 :
   print "hello"
print "done."

Obviously it is useless and the if is pointless since 2 is hard coded to
But is the indentation fine?
Or is it a bad standard.
I know it works.

And is the following good c code re indentation?
Or should I be using 4 or 5 spaces?

int main (void)
   printf ("hello world\n");

So is my 2 space indenting ok? Or is this a personal choice thing?
Or is there a certain number of spaces I should follow?
I just set up my text editor (emacs) to do indenting for me and set it to
Should this be changed?


Daniel Dalton
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