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first you might specify what technology you are using.
Second every event, in this case key pressed,
has a sender and some arguments,
try to see what is in the sender object
and what are in the arguments.
Last, you can check what textbox has the focus.

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Subject: changing font of textboxes

hi list,
I’m in an interesting situation:

I’m trying  to develop a simple form  where my users should have
options to change the font size, font style etc  on click of buttons.
i know this can be done by writing like following on the button:

textBox1.Font = new Font(this.Font, FontStyle.Bold);

its working, but the problem is, that I need a bold button which
should change the font style into bold of the text box which is

What i mean is, that there should just be one bold button, and if user
is on textbox1 and presses the shortcut  key (ctrl+b for instance),
text of textbox 1 should be bolded, but if user is focused on textbox2
and presses the same shortcut  key, text of textbox2 should be changed
this time, not textbox1.

I know, conditional expressions will be use, but I’m unable to find
out what should I check in this case?

Please help me doing this.

Sameer manohtra.
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