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I've been pretty much adding what I need to manually, and copying and pasting things around. I'm making progress I just haven't had the time to really sit and play. I think I have 2 weeks on this one though so I'll get the time. I found n the midterm I am getting it as I go. I just want to pass this class, then I don't have to touch it again if I don't want to. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Daniel Dalton" <daniel.dalton47@xxxxxxxxx>

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On 17/10/2007 8:10 AM, John Miller wrote:
That's what I'm trying to do is put everything in it's own function. I'm just wondering if I need to start form scratch or if I should just work with what's there. I have a little of it done, I'll probably send in

Well you could probably just copy and paste the code to different functions. Of course you would have to write out the function declarations and the proto types. But that isn't much code.
I always find though that I learn more by rewriting the code.
Sometimes I change it to see what happens. Also I sometimes try to solve the same problem. and my code is sometimes a lot different to the book's code.
You will need to use arguments and return values.

Daniel Dalton
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