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I use google analytics, and that's pretty accessible for me, so I'm lost as well. Granted it's not really seo, but...

On 9/5/2011 4:57 PM, Michael Taboada wrote:
I don’t know what you mean by “webmaster tools is not accessible".” I have used them to track links to my sites, etc for a while now and they’re quite accessible (unless something has changed recently). The only things that are (obviously) not accessible are things like graphs. There are just a few querks that can be worked around for example to add a site you have to route the jaws cursor to the pc cursor (assuming you’re using jaws) and then click on it, but that’s not hard to deal with, at least for me. And on the topic of being indexed by the search engines, you could add your site, but any good site with quality backlinks should get indexed without having to manually add it.
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Hello all,

I realize now that I should take back what I said about Google and their web master tools being accessible. They’re not. I’ll tell you that right now. So what I am wondering is does anyone have any advice on how I can get my site indexed by the search engines if I cannot add it to them? (I know that using sighted assistance is always an option, but I would rather avoid that since I need someone who knows what they are doing). Thanks.


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