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in my math preparation I used latex extensively and now I am able to read latex 
code as I read liniar text.
In fact last two years in university
i've used infty reader to transform printed math material to latex source and 
to read it.
Also there is a subset of latex named hrtex
meaning human readable tex
and infty reader know also to give such source from a printed/image material 
with math.
But this kind of reading math demands a lot of experience with latex to quickly 
transform things like

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  The thing Jim Dunleavy is talking about is LaTeX, a text-based language used 
by LOTS of people in math and science to generate equations and to do other 
kinds of formatting / typesetting.

  Just guessing, the way Alt text would work is for the Alt text / label to be 
the actual LaTeX code that produces the different figures. A reader needs to 
understand the LaTeX code in order to parse out what symbols are involved, but 
typically someone working in the field might know that anyway from writing the 
code to produce their own equations. The sighted user just sees whatever figure 
is created by the LaTeX code and is indifferent to the code.

  As for whether or not everything on Wikipedia follows a given convention, I 
assume that is greatly to be hoped for but not guaranteed, just due to the 
nature of Wikipedia.

  Probably I could do some actual testing/ research to verify these points, but 
perhaps this is enough to help you get started.

  Seattle WA

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    I don't know if it is a language. I see it in electronic textbooks, 
computer files, ETC. There are equation editors that are used for the writing 
of equations, and I know for sure that Window Eyes, NVDA, and System Access 
either have big problems reading them, or do not read them at all.

    Nimer J

    Nimer M. Jaber

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    Jerry Richer wrote:

          I use Wikipedia most every day.  A lot of what I look up has 
equations on it.  I don't see any alt tagging going on that makes the equations 
easy to read.  What is the language they use to write Math on Wikipedia?

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