RE: Your Experience with Braille Displays

  • From: "Delaunay Christophe" <christophe.delaunay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 17:48:24 +0200

Hi Kerneels,


You just wrote :


>But how have you experienced programming with a Braille display at your




Of course, the example of long lines, big conditionals in C ans so on is 
something I know more quickly with a braille display but line indendation is 
also quickly found. For instance, I really appreciate my braille display while 
manipulating Python code.



>Has there been any particular model / make / design which you can

>recommend above others?



In fact nowadays, there are many brands of braille displays, each one with its 
particular user interface. And even within a given brand, you can find 
different models with different user interfaces.


For instance, I had an old Alva ABT 340, (40 cells display) and several 
different devices from F.H. Papenmeier. The design of my old ABT 340 is very 
different from the one of Alva Delphi, Satellite, BC6xx, ... The same is true 
for Papenmeier devices.


Within this variety of designs, some people will probably like one better than 
the others but what your preferred design would be is really subjective. A good 
idea is to attend great events like CSun, (there are probably such events 
closer to you), and to try several different displays.


For instance, I really appreciate the Papenmeier easy access bar but many other 
people don't like it at all. I am quite uncomfortable with too large displays. 
Personnally, I hardly prefer 66 cells displays rather than 80 cells displays.


Among the braille displays I had or have right now, I can't say that one of 
these devices should be avoided. They all had their own qualities and all of 
them could be used during at least 10 years 8 hours per work day.


>And how about screen reader compattibility?



I regularly use jaws to develop under windows, and brltty under linux. In jaws, 
I have my best performance with Visual Studio when the display is set in what 
they call "line" mode.



>And lastly, has there been any particular language you absolutely could

>not get any joy with while trying to read code with a Braille display?



Personnally, I did not have problem with such or such languages but with IDEs. 
Some like Visual Studio are quite accessible. Some others like Visual Café are 
a little less, and some others I don't remember their names are totally 
unusable. However, I did not yet encounter situations where I had better 
results with speech than with braille.


HTH. Have a nice day. Chris D

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