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Hey Marlon, thanks for support. Btw i think that i've seen you on NVDA mailing list, you are one of Brazilian contributors right? Or i just confused something. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Marlon Brandão de Sousa" <splyt.lists@xxxxxxxxx>

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The guy who stated the thing about scripting was I, and your message
is pretty right. So far, Teddy and others are discussing personal
preferenses, which I think is something good but not to the
programming lists. What I would like to ask is if window eyes has a
keyboard manager so that it is possible for example to map the numpad
arrows to the main keyboard ones and things like that, because if it
is so people can just map whatever key they want to do whatever task
So far, besids the scripting aspect, which works pretty well in JAWS,
another thing this screen reader did to be put in a superior level
than all the others for a long time is being totally adaptable, sinse
it is possible to set every thing inside it .. including all the keys.
Well FS had everything it needed to make jaws a "uncatchable" screen
reader, whoever planned jaws the way it is was a [pretty clever person
... but, as time goes, FS is forgetting its original goals and JAWS is
and will loose its condition if nothing is done. And it doesn't seen
like anything will be done given the aparent new way FS has of seeing
the market and the people's needs now.

2008/4/13, Mario Percinic <mario.percinic@xxxxxxxxx>:
Well, that's the problem my friend because you don't like to learn new
things and you'll always stay behind, mumbeling that this or that doesn't
work as you expect. If someone who is blined wants to be good in what ever
feeld, specially I.T, he or she has to learn allot in order to have good
information and in order to represent blind community. First, try to ajust to new software, learn how to use it, and don't expect from it to do exactly
what its suppose to do as your previous screen reader did, because
windoweyes is not jaws, it has its own strenghs and weeknesses, but stating that jaws is the best screen reader, is just not right from various points
of view. First, windoweyes people never released their version out before
they weren't sure that 99 % of the things worked as they expected, which is
not the case with freedom scientific. So many versions of jaws came out
which from time to time became more and more buggy, and since jfw 7, from
user points of few we can't see nothing special in the improvement of new
versions, just various changes reguarding controls of this or that
application. Jaws 8 ...  what was that, nothing, unstable comercial
application, for which some users paid hell allot of money. vista was
released, all other screen readers including, dolphins hal, system access,
gw's  windoweyes and even nonvisual desktop access which is open source
screen reader found better way how to handle problems with vista than it was
the case with freedom scientific.
Ok, jaws 9 is released, and since i'm using it, i can see that its stability improved, but on the other hand freedom is geting worse and worse in their
sapi5 support, which is very funny, considering the case where FS people
advertize support for sapi5 and their partnership with nuance which provides
realspeak tts synths which are btw multilingual.
Maybe jfw 9 works good only with english synths and switching between
eloquence and some realspeak tts works good, but when there are different
languages and tts synths installed on the system and when jaws 9 is used, it has really lots of problems with sapi5, and that's because of very bad sapi 5 jaws driver for it. That means again that someone who is programming and
testing the application did very bad job at the beta testing stage.
I worked in the Croatian association of the blind, oficial Jaws dealer for
Croatia and since i started to notice the problems with various sapi5
synths, i was reporting the problems to freedom scientific very frequently, exchanged lots of email messages with them providing them with all info they needed and even had a few phone calls with their tech support. What i got as
the end answer from their tech support is something like this:
"hello, we are working for sapi5 support for arabic speech synth which will work with jaws. On our systems we don't have problems wehn the speech synths
are switched, so we can tell that jaws works good with sapi5 support".

After the answer like this, what can you think about it. Nothing special,
Freedom scientific is doing what they think is the best, and they don't care for the end customers, which is not the case with the rest of the companys
involved in the screen reader development.
Gw came out with universal scripting system for windoweyes and com
automation objects which supports scripting in what ever programming
language. and i'm very curious with what will fs do to keep up, i'm afraid nothing special. More and more users will slowly switch to windoweyes, why,
because for the same amount of money you will get more features and much
better tech support, + when you want to use remote desktop, you don't need
to pay extra 200 bucks just to get support for rdp which is the case with
jaws. When you buy windoweyes you get portable version which works very wel
from the thumb drive.
I'm not going to state the names of very good blind developers and computer
users just to protect them, but from their statements on various lists,
blogs and shows, you can see that they are acomplishing their daily tasks
much better with windoeyes than with jaws, which wasn't the case a few years
Someone stated a few days ago that todays screen reader success is in the
scripting support, and really that's true, who ever finds a better way how to write easy interface for scripting which will provide easy usage and good
flexibility, is the winner.

What to tell you at the end, just what i told you at the beginning, stop
complaining and start learning new things. If you will be good in the things you do, you can look for the jobs in the other countrys and leave Romania,
at leest that's what i do now.

When you say "I wrote a program that crashed Windows," people just
stare at you blankly and say "Hey, I got those with the system, for
Linus Torvalds
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