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Hello Lloyd and listers,

    Looks like that narrows my choices down nicely. The answer was probably
right under my nose all the time. Talk to you later.

Peter Donahue

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You would not want any of the Win64 versions, because you are not running
64-bit Windows and current screen readers don't support it.

Lloyd Rasmussen, Kensington, Maryland

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> Good evening again everyone,
>     I'm on the download page of:
>     Our computers use Intel Processors. Mine is an HP and Mary's is a
> Gateway. Both machines run Windows XP with SP2. There are several PYTHON
> compilers for windows listed. They are:
> For x86 processors:
> python-2.5.1.msi
> For Win64-Itanium users:
> python-2.5.1.ia64.msi
> For Win64-AMD64 users:
> python-2.5.1.amd64.msi
>     Looking at the file extensions am I to assume that the same download
> is
> for all Windows machines, or are there differences between these
> compilers.
> Since our machines do not use AMD processors that eliminates one of these
> versions right there. Just want to be sure I'm installing the correct
> version of the compiler before I do so. First I need to upgrade both JAWS
> and Ed Sharp.
>     And while I'm at it is the same RUBYCompiler used for all flavors of
> Windows, or is there a particular version I need for Windows XP. Thanks
> again for your help.
> Peter Donahue

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