Re: Where should I share Rational Rose scripts?

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so you are saying you have not developed screen reader scripts, but rather 
RR scripts that lend themselves to screen reader accessibility -- right?
I think your experience could be useful, if for no other reason, to give 
sighted persons guidelines on how to write  RR scripts that can be used by 
visually impaired coworkers. But beyond that, it might also prove a good 
foundation for software that can translate general RR scripts into more 
accessible forms.
I don't know where you can share your findings.  Are you subscribed to 
program-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx ? I believe there are some RR users there.
Happy hacking.

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Subject: Where should I share Rational Rose scripts?

Hi list,

Since I need to use IBM Rational Rose quite intensively right now, I
first looked for scripts to increase blind-friendliness of the
application. Since I'm using jaws, I was looking for either Rational
Rose scripts or addins, or jaws scripts for Rational Rose. Since I could
not find any, I started to write my own.

Rather than writing jaws scripts for Rational Rose, I started on writing
screenreader friendly Rational Rose scripts.

The most important need for me was to be able to write entire sequence

Now, I got something which works for this purpose but maybe it could be
interesting to share this with others, in case someone has better ideas
or has implemented scripts for other particular needs.

So my questions are

(1) Could this approach interest someone else? If not, there is no need
for me to share. Isn't there?

(2) If it may be of interest for others, what would be the best place to
share those scripts?

Many thanks in advance. Have a nice day. Chris D
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