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If net beans is the SUN development tool, the biggest accessibility isszue
is that the installer doesn't work for PCs.
I gave up, and used textpad to do all my servlets.

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Hey folks,

This is Andy Stefik. My team and I just put up a website for our Sodbeans
project, which focuses on accessibility in NetBeans. You can see it here:

This summer, we are looking to begin collecting information on what makes
NetBeans accessibile, or more aptly, what makes it inaccessible. My team and
I have conducted an initial analysis on the Mac platform and are collecting
bugs and bug fixes that we hope will help the community. But ... we need
your help identifying what the top priorities should be, especially in
regards to the following things:

1. Identifying the major accessibility problems exist in NetBeans.

2. The features would help blind individuals program more effectively in

3. What would generally make your life easier when programming in a major

We have setup a bug tracker that is open to the public to help us begin
collecting and tracking information related to accessibility problems in
NetBeans. Our sourceforge bugtracker is located here:

There are a number of ways you can contribute to the conversation: 1) Upload
an accessibility issue to our database, or 2) Take a screen recording of you
programming in NetBeans and upload it to us or somewhere else. If you do
this, feel free to rant and rave about what you like and don't like, what
the problems are, what you love, what you hate, and what you realistically
need to be effective in the environment.

The more accessibility problems the community can identify and put in our
database the better, as it will help us figure out what problems the
community would like fixed. If you are not a NetBeans user, I strongly
suggest you download it and give it a try. Right now, NetBeans has some
major accessibilty issues and we could use some feedback from experienced
and inexperienced people alike.

Thanks to all, and happy coding,


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