Re: What are good technologies for two player game servers?

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OK, thanks, I'll find an overview of django and take a look.

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You could use a django framework with wsgi, and build a framework for
managing boards of x dementions with different sets of logic. Maybe the
framework would just store the board, and you'd have plugins that could
handle the logic.
On 10/21/2010 3:24 PM, R Dinger wrote:
Hi Jim,

At this point, I am not sure what I want to do, I need to find out what is possible first. To some extent, what I want to do will be dependant on what is possible to do. I am trying to find out likely technologies to look into.

I suspect a Python web framework like Zope, Twisted or other may be a good solution, but I don't want to discount Ruby or other solutions. I have little experience or knowledge in this area and am looking for suggestions of what is possible.

I am reasonably certain that whatever it is, I want users to be able to do it through a browser. My primary goals are that the solution be universally accessible, simple and robust.


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  Hi Richard,

How exactly would this work? I'm asking because I saw a content control system that is built to handle a chess club on the internet, but I'm not sure if it has the features you are looking for. I know that you have my personal e-mail address and Skype ID. We can talk about it later on tonight. I will try to find it and send you the link to it.


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  Hi All,

What sort of internet technologies are well suited to build a server for two player games.

I am considering developing a server system for controlling on going chess games, that is keeping track of all the moves so far, the time used by each player and so forth all via a text web interface. Many games would be in progress at the same time and so each on-going game would be in a database that is updated as new moves arrive.

I have been looking at just using something simple like cgi scripted pages with form controls generated at the server by Python, but that seems a little clunky.

  Can anyone suggest suitable technologies for me to look at?

I have a good knowledge of Python, C++ and C, but will always consider learning a new language if desirable like PHP or even PERL.

Also I want to use a web hosting service not run my own server. So I am looking for something commonly available.


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