Re: VoiceOver and NSSpeechSynthesizer

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Hello ken,
I've been looking at developing on the mac, with the same issues. How have you 
adjusted to coco? I was looking for something that I could use with c++, but 
people are saying that carbon was deprecated, so it looks like I learn coco. My 
main issue is getting used to the syntax--it looks really odd compared to what 
I'm used to. This isn't quite along the lines of what you asked, but I would 
like to start playing with this.

Tyler Littlefield
        Twitter: sorressean

On Feb 8, 2010, at 6:57 PM, Ken Perry wrote:

> Is anyone successfully developing with xcode?  I have not been able to
> create dialogs with the interface builder because I cannot click on the
> main.xib with the vo-commands.  I can also not find a way to drag the
> controls all though after my wife opens the interface builder I can see the
> controls fine.  I would count this about 95 % accessible and only needs a
> little more push to be able to develop for the Mac.  Am I missing something?
> I do not want to use anything but coco and the xcode environment at this
> time.
> Ken
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> here is a bit more about what apple uses to build on the mac. They 
> also have SDK for the op, Iphone, Ipod and just released Ipad.
> At 02:41 PM 2/8/2010, you wrote:
>> Hello everyone, currently I'm developing for the SODBeans/Sappy 
>> project and I'm working on Sappy compatibility for Mac OSX. I've 
>> been searching for an API for VoiceOver but have been unsuccessful 
>> in finding anything useful. I've found quite a bit of documentation 
>> on the NSSpeechSynthesizer API, but it doesn't interrupt VoiceOver 
>> during speech requests. This results in two voices speaking 
>> concurrently in certain situations.
>> I was curious whether any of you have heard about an API for 
>> VoiceOver or have developed an application that generated custom 
>> speech for OSX.
> Tim
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