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  • Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 16:25:41 -0500

Insert Del twice? Is that a jaws thing? Anyway, to get to the events for your 
TextBox or other controls. If you already created the event it will be in the 
code module for that Form or Page. So it should be in your code editor already. 
It will likely be a subroutine and have the name of the control in the 
subroutine name and the event toward the end of the heading for the Subroutine. 
If it is not there you can bring up the forms designer, tab to the control, 
right mouse click it and select properties window from the context menu that 
comes up. Then back tab to the ToolBar and arrow right to the Events Button. 
Arrow down to the event you want, hit enter and a subroutine stub as described 
above will be placed in your Code File for that Form or code file or script if 
you are working  on a Website.
  Rick USA
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  HI all,

  I'm working in VS 2008 with jaws 9.0 and the scripts. I need to change the 
code for when a text box's text changes. Last week, I was able to select this 
event by just going into the code editor, pressing insert-delete twice quickly, 
then selecting the control. From there I could tab over and select the event 
and I was good to go. Now today, it's not wanting to work. Pressing 
insert-delete twice, no matter how fast I do it, just sits there. Any idea what 
I can do to fix this, or an alternative method of getting to these events? 
Other script functions work so I know it's not that. It does try to tell me 
something about a class, as it's supposed to with the first press, but it won't 
move me to the list. If it matters, I'm working in visual basic.

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