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You have a few options open to you as far as the iso file goes. You can either download a CD burning program that can recognize iso images and burn them to a cd or you can use a program like iso buster or win rar that allows you to extract the files directly to your hard drive. The cd burning software built into xp sadly will not burn a cd from an iso image. Also I have seen some Visual Studio iso images that are much too big to fit on a standard cd, so if the image is larger than 800 megabytes it will need to be burned to a dvd instead.

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Hello All:

I need some help for a class I'm taking,  It's an Interactive Web
Applications class and it requires me to compile web components into DLL
files.  Our instructor wants us to use Visual Studio 2005 Professional.
We can download it free through the school, however, I've downloaded it
to my Windows XP Home machine and can't figure out how to get it
installed.  I have a .iso file which is a CD image for VS and when I try
pressing enter on it to get it to run it asks me what program I want to
use to open the file.

My instructor says we need to have Windows XP Professional running on
our computers to run VS2005 Professional.  I could get Win XP Pro free
also through the school but I'm a little scared to change the operating
system on the computer over to Win XP Pro.  I may have too, though.  The
instructor also said we'd need Win XP Pro to run SQL Server but it runs
just fine on my XP Home machine, at least the query analyzer which is
what I need.

Here are my questions.  Can anyone tell me if in fact you need Windows
XP Pro to run VS2005 Professional?  If not, any ideas on how I can get
the CD image to install?

If I need to download XP Pro, can I upgrade to it without sighted
assistance?  I've got Window-Eyes Pro at home so running the screen
reader on it won't be a problem.  Is there anything else I could use to
compile web components into DLL files that supports 2.0?


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