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Yeah, thanks to John's search engine, i found your add ins, Inthane.  i tried 
the VS 2003 for Jaws 6 add in, which immediately solved the code editor 
problem.  However, my brother still found the IDE very frustrating.

Visual Studio is just so complex.  As it is, there are a million different ways 
of accomplishing the exact same tasks in VS; it's difficult for me to figure 
out the keyboard equivalents for doing things the way i know to do them.  i 
finally just opened up Dev C++ and everything went smoothly.  smile

So, this prompts me to ask another question which i probably should have asked 
from the beginning:  what language and IDE would you all recommend for 
beginning blind programmers?  i ask this not just to help my brother, but 
because i am hoping to assist my university in starting up a programming course 
specifically for the blind.

While i was at Kennesaw State University, a professor asked the SNF for a grand 
to start a course for teaching blind students VB.NET.  i thought this was an 
excellent endeavor, but she was refused the grand.  She could only find a few 
blind students in the area that were even semi-interested, and the cost of 
equipment would have been phenomenal.  i suggested making it an online course 
for people who already have their own machines with JAWS, and then there 
wouldn't be any equipment or transportation costs.  She said that the dean 
would definitely support my plan.  So now, the only major hurdle is identifying 
good introductory material that would give blind students a little exposure to 

i want to find something that will work smoothly with JAWS and, at the time, 
provide skills that might be useful in industry.  Any thoughts?



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there are sets of "add ins" for the VS 2003 version at my 
grab bag sight, but there only for jaws 5 and 6 I do believe, using VS 2005 
the scripts for it available on the grab bag would be better in some ways.  

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  not too certain about this, but I do know for a fact 
  there are Jaws scripts for Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio 2005.  
  Whether or not either of those script sets will work for 2003 I am not 
  sure.  And at the risk of sounding like an advertisement, you may also 
  want to try my website Blind Crawler and see what the search engine comes up 
  JohnPG search for all of your Jaws scripts at
  be sure to check out Blind Crawler's Legend of the Green Dragon server at
  will be more to come from Blind Crawler very soon.
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Hey everyone,

i know you guys will be able to give me 
    the best advice about this.  (i almost started on a wild goose chase 
    for JAWS scripts, but thought better of it.)

i just installed Visual 
    Studio 2003 on my brother's computer so that i can introduce him to 
    VB.NET.  i'm really surprised that JAWS behaves very well for selecting 
    controls and adding them to the form, but performs very badly everywhere 
    else.  In the code window, it just keeps reading the path of the file 
    instead of the text at the cursor.  In the properties window, it reads 
    the value repeatedly (i guess because it's actually refreshing, though i 
    can't tell visually).

How do you guys get around this problems?  
    Does anyone here use this version of Visual Studio, or should we be using 
    something more accessible?

Thanks so much for the 


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