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Please reffer to
and you will have the oficial solution which should work. I tested
visual c++ and it works well, this os one of the compilers I use.
Do not try to mix these scripts with vs 6 or other .net scripts.

2007/10/21, John Greer <jpgreer17@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> not too certain about this, but I do know for a fact there are Jaws scripts
> for Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio 2005.  Whether or not either of those
> script sets will work for 2003 I am not sure.  And at the risk of sounding
> like an advertisement, you may also want to try my website Blind Crawler and
> see what the search engine comes up with.
> JohnPG search for all of your Jaws scripts at
> Also be sure to check out Blind Crawler's Legend of the Green Dragon server
> at
> There will be more to come from Blind Crawler very soon.
> Administrator: John Greer
> Blind
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>   Subject: Visual Studio 2003
>   Hey everyone,
>   i know you guys will be able to give me the best advice about this.  (i
> almost started on a wild goose chase for JAWS scripts, but thought better of
> it.)
>   i just installed Visual Studio 2003 on my brother's computer so that i can
> introduce him to VB.NET.  i'm really surprised that JAWS behaves very well
> for selecting controls and adding them to the form, but performs very badly
> everywhere else.  In the code window, it just keeps reading the path of the
> file instead of the text at the cursor.  In the properties window, it reads
> the value repeatedly (i guess because it's actually refreshing, though i
> can't tell visually).
>   How do you guys get around this problems?  Does anyone here use this
> version of Visual Studio, or should we be using something more accessible?
>   Thanks so much for the help,
>   dusty.......
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