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  • Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 12:06:14 -0500

Inthane's grab bag site would be a good starting point for finding accessible 

JohnPG search for all of your Jaws scripts at
Also be sure to check out Blind Crawler's Legend of the Green Dragon server at
There will be more to come from Blind Crawler very soon.
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  Sorry everybody-- after i sent my message, i realized i probably should have 
worded my question a little better.  i'm glad it didn't cause an all-out 
language war. smile.

  What i really intended was to gather opinions on the best IDE for blind 
beginners.  The specific language isn't quite as important.  Since this will be 
an online course, i want to find something virtually fool-proof for novice 
programmers to install and access independently.

  i'm leaning toward Visual Studio 2005 since many of you suggested it; 
however, you are all seasoned programmers and very competent at setting up 
software, installing scripts, and doing whatever it takes to make something 
work properly.  Even sighted users feel inundated by all the features when they 
first see Visual Studio.  i'm surprised no one suggested an IDE that is a 
little less intimidating.  i was expecting something more along the lines of a 
simple text-editor interface with a compile command. smile.  As a beginner, i 
remember that i started out in a very simple environment.  i just want to wet 
their pallets for programming and avoid setting them up for discouragement.  Am 
i underestimating the average blind computer user?

  Thanks for all the suggestions,


    From: will@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    To: programmingblind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: Re: Visual Studio 2003
    Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 15:22:30 +0100


    Visual Studio 2005 and the scripts are probably the more accessible 
solution.  Quite a lot of accessibility bugs that were present in Visual Studio 
2003 were fixed in Visual Studio 2005, and whilst the add-in that Brett Lewis 
developed addresses some of these problems in Visual Studio 2003 it doesn't 
address all the problems that were fixed in Visual Studio 2005, either by 
changes to Visual Studio or the scripts.

    You can obtain a free starter version of Visual Studio 2005 in the form of 
one of the Express editions.  These are versions of Visual Studio 2005 aimed at 
beginner programmers and each Express edition covers a particular language.  
There are Express editions for VB, C#, C++, J#, ASP .Net, and SQL Server.  As 
they are aimed at the beginner they come with more material aimed at beginners, 
such as starter kits, than other editions of Visual Studio 2005 or Visual 
Studio 2003.

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      From: inthaneelf 
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      Sent: Monday, October 22, 2007 12:06 AM
      Subject: Re: Visual Studio 2003

      there are sets of "add ins" for the VS 2003 version at my grab bag sight, 
but there only for jaws 5 and 6 I do believe, using VS 2005 with the scripts 
for it available on the grab bag would be better in some ways.  

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        not too certain about this, but I do know for a fact there are Jaws 
scripts for Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio 2005.  Whether or not either of 
those script sets will work for 2003 I am not sure.  And at the risk of 
sounding like an advertisement, you may also want to try my website Blind 
Crawler and see what the search engine comes up with.
        JohnPG search for all of your Jaws scripts at
        Also be sure to check out Blind Crawler's Legend of the Green Dragon 
server at
        There will be more to come from Blind Crawler very soon.
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          From: dusty bray 
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          Subject: Visual Studio 2003

          Hey everyone,

          i know you guys will be able to give me the best advice about this.  
(i almost started on a wild goose chase for JAWS scripts, but thought better of 

          i just installed Visual Studio 2003 on my brother's computer so that 
i can introduce him to VB.NET.  i'm really surprised that JAWS behaves very 
well for selecting controls and adding them to the form, but performs very 
badly everywhere else.  In the code window, it just keeps reading the path of 
the file instead of the text at the cursor.  In the properties window, it reads 
the value repeatedly (i guess because it's actually refreshing, though i can't 
tell visually).

          How do you guys get around this problems?  Does anyone here use this 
version of Visual Studio, or should we be using something more accessible?

          Thanks so much for the help,


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