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There's maybe some better choices here as prerequisites.  First learn
the windows batch language.  To get cross-platform, next learn the rexx
language after installing it.  Those two are effectively languages that
can be learned without buying much.  Third would be perl perhaps from
activestate though installation will be a little complex.  The bash
environment you use that in in windows will remind you of dos.  It's
also cross-platform.  Next which is now also cross-platform in
terms of Linux and several Unix flavors and Mac tiger and leopard.  By
that time you should have enough learning to return and ask more
questions which will probably point you in the direction you are going.
Study sql along the way in or perhaps if you take a detour into
OpenOffice since use of sql within visualbasic or C## or C++ can really
expand your reach into and control over tables and files.  The reason
for rexx and batch language is sometimes the quickest way to get
something done is with a batch language script run by one of these
higher level applications especially before you've learned sql.  Find a
good editor that's not afraid of any of these languages and supports
writing in them and you'll probably be well on your way.

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Hi all!
I am interested in learning a programming language, considering Visual
Basic or Visual Studios.  I've taken a Computer Basics course in high
school, back in the DOS days and I remember some of how it works, but
I'll be a beginner in Windows.  Which of these two languages should I
start with, or does it matter, or is there a better choice?
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