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That's a cruid implementation of ubble sort ... Like I said, it's the most
inefficient way to sort your array, but it should work.

Take care,

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Hello friends,

I found this code on the internet for sorting an array, does it look
reasonable to everyone?

'This Code Developed by Chris Vann
'Just copy it into a separate module, then call it from 'anywhere in your
program as SortArray ArrayGoesHere Dim Temp as Variant, X as Integer

Public Function SortArray(ByRef TheArray As Variant) Sorted = False Do While
Not Sorted
    Sorted = True
For X = 0 To UBound(TheArray) - 1
    If TheArray(X) > TheArray(X + 1) Then
        Temp = TheArray(X + 1)
        TheArray(X + 1) = TheArray(X)
        TheArray(X) = Temp
        Sorted = False
    End If
Next X
End Function

I don't really understand the variant part of it in the brackets.

Secondly the publick function sortarray, does this mean that I can call this
function anywhere in my VB code?  So I could adapt this and have an on error
which would go to a publick function for all of my code?

Any help appreciated as always.


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