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Hi Rick,
I never used the designer view for creating webpages. Writing code directly into .aspx pages is nicer for me. Try it out! with the code completion feature in VS it shouldn't be a problem.
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Using the Forms Designer View of my WebPage I bring up the Smart Tag for the LoginView Control. There are the Anonymus and LoggedIn StaticBoxes where I am suppose to be able to enter literal content and drop a Http Link control into them. I have not been able to figure out how to do this. Has anyone done this or figured out how to, at least, have the Template code generated in the Page Markup for the LoginView Control? I tried just typing in the StaticBox, nothing. I tried hitting enter in the StaticBox and a ListBox with the Anonymus and LoggedIn Template names come up in a listbox but I couldn't get past there if that is what I should have done.
Anyone have anything on this using either Windoweyes or JAWS?
Rick USA
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