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Hello Rick,

Thank you for the offer of the articles mentioned. The Elf's Grab Bag is the 
source for the Jaws Scripts, I think. It is Jaws I use, but if ever I choose 
Window Eyes, I'll contact you direct, if I may.

I don't believe I will be needing SQL, as my programming will be for the stand 
alone computer, rather than working online.

Do the Express editions allow the programmer to produce a Package and Deploy 
installation? or, is that a Professional version to purchase?

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  Pretty much. The dialog that Microsoft Uses to download the Sql Server is 
rather a pain to navigate with Windoweyes and there are allot of options to 
pick from. The other Express modules are pretty straight forward but you should 
always make sure you have a restore point just in case something goes wrong. 
After you download and install a module like, VWD, or CSharp or any of 
them they are pretty accessible with JAWS and, or, Windoweyes. There are 
scripts available for using JAWS with Visual Studio and they apply to the 
Express modules as well. You will need to Download a module like, VWD or 
other Express module, Download and install the JAWS Scripts and then configure 
your IDE to work the way you want with your Screen Reader of choice.
  If you are going to use a Access Database you do not need to download the Sql 
Server modules at all.  the Sql Server Database is really for  an online 
environment like if you are working with an IP Host. That said, there are folks 
who have used the Access Database for that purpose for lower volume traffic 
  I have some old articles with step by step instructions to download VWD and 
the Sql Server and setting up the IDE to work the way I wanted it to with 
Windoweyes. They are just notes I made in the form of articles when I 
downloaded and installed them. If you want I will send them to you as an 
attachment so you can see how I did it using Windoweyes. They might give you a 
pretty good overview of the process. If you use them please keep notes on 
anything you find diferent or that I can add to them to make them better for 
the next reader.
  Rick USA


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