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It's more than adiquate. Tons of time and effort has been put in to helping Marvin. He neexds to help himself before we can do it. I'm just hitting delete on all the posts, after erading the ones this morning. He posts here, and to other lists which is fine, but it's apparent that we need to do his calculations for him, or that's what he wants--where's that going to get him at test time? Nice to see you up and alive btw, evrit. I think you were the one helping me with some math for a game a while back. :)

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Good morning,

Having tutored students in client-server programming with Java, I can understand how it can sometimes become frustrating. However, I do not believe that a public mailing list is the place to make statements like the ones below.

I believe that individuals who are making an attempt to learn should be applauded, even more so the greater their struggle. I have a friend who tried 5 times to get his bus drivers lisence before he was finally successful. I thought it was silly at the time, but now he drives all over Canada and the US and enjoys what he is doing a great deal.


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Hi Marv:
So the guys know; I had to do the Project Analysis, set up or totally rebuild the step by step pseudo code and rework nonsense calculations as well as redefine your use of variables on the past 4 projects. I explained everything to you, gave you examples and did this over and over but you could not pick up on the fundementals. Your educational level, 10 th grade, is wholly inadiquit for the level of coursework you are involved in. You need at least a High School Education, 4 years of prep work in English, Math and Science before tackling a University level course like this. I worked off-list with you several hours each day but your lack of comprehension skills and math skills showed me you are not capable of doing work at this level without someone else virtually doing it for you. So, if you can talk others into doing your work, good. That is a skill in and of itself of sorts. However, it is not doing you any favors as your lack of basic skills will eventually drown you and you will either have to start all over again or end up giving up completely.
Rick USA
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Subject: VB Videos Programming Help

doing this book for a programming subject, and now need some help, not to do my home work for me, but to give me pointers how to fix the problems and the
or maybe point me to some good online examples.
really struggling, and need some help.
and please be gentle with me, tried looking at the msdn, help, and tried
searching on google and altavista for some simple examples, similar to this
case study, but could only find really complext examples.
so, if you could help me out, let me know either on or off list.
cheers Marvin.

ps: will post the project description and my code below.

Video Bonanza

Design and code a project to calculate the amount due
and provide a summary of rentals. All movies rent for
$1.80 and all customers receive a 10 percent dis-
The form should contain input for the member
number and the number of movies rented. Inside a
group box, display the rental amount, the 10 percent
discount, and the amount due. Inside a second group
box, display the number of customers served and the
total rental income (after discount).
Include buttons for Calculate, Clear, and Exit.
The Clear button clears the information for the current
rental but does not clear the summary information. Do
not allow bad input data to cancel the program; in-
stead display a message to the user.

'Program:   VBVideos
'Programmer:    Marvin Hunkin
'Date:  Tuesday November 4 2008
'Description:   Keep track of video rentals

Public Class frmVBVideos

   'Declare  Module Level Variable.

   Dim intCustomerCount As Integer = 0

Private Sub btnCalculateButton_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As
System.EventArgs) Handles btnCalculateButton.Click

       'Declare Variables.

       Dim intMembership As Integer
       Dim intVideoOrder As Integer
       Dim decRentals As Decimal = 2
       Dim decDiscount As Decimal = 0.1
       Dim decAmountDue As Decimal
       Dim decTotals As Decimal

       'Convert Variables.

       If IsNumeric(tbMembershipNumberTextBox.Text) Then
           intMembership = CInt(tbMembershipNumberTextBox.Text)
           MessageBox.Show("You Did Not Enter A Valid Numeric Value for
Membership Number.", "Data Error", _

       End If

       If IsNumeric(tbVideoRentalNumberTextBox.Text) Then
           intVideoOrder = CInt(tbVideoRentalNumberTextBox.Text)
           MessageBox.Show("You Did Not Enter A Valid Numeric Value for
Number Of Video Rentals.", "Data Error", _

       End If

       'Calculate Rentals.

       decRentals = decRentals * intVideoOrder
       decDiscount = decRentals - intVideoOrder
       decAmountDue = decAmountDue * decRentals
       intCustomerCount = intCustomerCount + 1
       decTotals = decRentals - decDiscount

       'Format Text Boxes.

       tbMembershipNumberTextBox.Text = intMembership.ToString()
       tbVideoRentalNumberTextBox.Text = intVideoOrder.ToString()
       tbVideoRentalsTextBox.Text = decRentals.ToString("C")
       tbDiscountTextBox.Text = decDiscount.ToString("C")
       tbAmountDueTextBox.Text = decAmountDue.ToString("C")
       tbCustomerNumberTextBox.Text = intCustomerCount.ToString()
       tbTotalRentalsTextBox.Text = decTotals.ToString("C")

   End Sub

   Private Sub btnClearButton_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As
System.EventArgs) Handles btnClearButton.Click

       'Clear Text Boxes.


   End Sub

   Private Sub btnExitButton_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As
System.EventArgs) Handles btnExitButton.Click

       'Exit the project.


   End Sub
End Class

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