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Yes I've seen that the focus goes to the error list, but not to that text field that shows the error like a multiline text box, and there is where I want to set the focus because I can read those errors char by char if needed, and most of the times I need to do that, because I need to read fast, but the errors shown are not in my native language...

And that's not possible.


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The below is easily possible in vs2005 at least. If you go into the
settings, under bu8ild options somewhere (I forgot exactly since I haven't
been there in a long time), there is a choice to allow the compiler to show
the error list/window upon build/compile failure. When you are in this list,
hitting enter on a error message actually instantly jumps you to the code
line where the error is and highlights it in a certain color. I know the
color doesn't help a total blind person, but at least jaws jumps to the
exact line being complained about. All you have to do now is hide the error
window (alt shift h), fix the line of code and then press f5/control f5/f6
to rebuild again...

2. The usability.

A programming environment should be made  thinking to the blind programmers
needs also, and a blind programmer should be able to configure the
environment as he wants.

For example, what does a sighted programmer after he runs a program in
Eclipse or and it gives an error?
I think that he looks too se what was the error.
So, for the sighted programmer is easy to take a look in the wanted pane,
but a blind programmer should be able to configure the application so after
it runs the program and gives the error, the focus to be automaticly placed
in the errors pane. And he should be able to move the focus to the code pane


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