Re: The top three big problems

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And I can also say that I don't like some of the key combinations in at all. I never liked that combined combinations like alt+Q,S, or Control+Q,S... I don't remember.

It would have been more simple to be control+Shift+S, or alt+Shift+S, or a combination which is more clear.

For example what happends if I press Control+Q but then I want to not press it anymore? I don't know what will happen if I will press another key because it might do some bad things. I also don't know if that alt+Q is remembered or it is forgot if pressing another key than S or other valid key.

I don't know why uses those strange hotkeys. If there are too many hotkeys and that's why, than this is bad. There shouldn't be too many hotkeys defined by default, because they might cause conflicts with the screen reader's hotkeys, or anyway, the user won't remember them all, so they will have no value.


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I suppose that copying the keyboard model of either Visual Studio or
Eclipse makes sense because of the popularity of those environments.  In
the case of VS at least, however, I wish to express the opinion that the
keyboard assignments are not particularly intuitive or easy to remember.
The base letter of a key combination is often not the initial letter of
the associated command.  Many commands require chorded sequences of hot
keys, sometimes where the second one also requires the Control modifier
and sometimes where it does not.


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