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Hello Andreas,

I truly wish I could help. Most of my experience so far has been with Visual 
Basic 6 and with MS-Access 2000. I suppose if I was using it professionally it 
would be better but for me it is even simple things like creating a form, using 
that ToolBox to select controls and things like setting up collections of 
controls then discovering how to set their properties.

Once I get myself into the code window it isn't so bad, not necessarily the 
sort of editor I would prefer but I seem to be able to figure out how to do 

It should be possible to have an IDE which would make it as intuitively easy 
for me to set up an Access database for example as for others. Maybe it isn't 
all that easy, I don't see a lot of people out there using databases. Then to 
manipulate and display that data in various ways using programming tools.

I guess the real trouble I have is in creating those forms. It is a while since 
I have done much more but I also remember struggling with some of those 
concepts like projects and figuring out how to collect the various bits 
together to deploy anything useful.

I tend to work on stuff on my notebook out of work because I don't have time at 
work and it isn't what I do at work, these are applications to support the 
clerical and information management functions of my clinical work so my needs 
are very different to most here on the list who are largely professional 
programmers or at least I T professionals.

What i know is that the average person pulls up one of the IDEs of one of the 
programming applications and between the menus, toolbars they can often very 
quickly begin making their computers manipulate information, what they have to 
do is apparently fairly obvious. Somehow it isn't for me.

A surprising number of people around our facility do come to me for help with 
applications like Excel and Word to do things often which I never do, point 
being I am not unfamiliar with GUI use, just that programming interfaces 
certainly don't talk to me like they seem they should.

I doubt I have much to inform your project but I do applaud your effort and 
intention and would love to see you succeed.


Dale Leavens, Cochrane Ontario Canada
Skype DaleLeavens
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> What kind of features would help you to not get lost in the interface Dale?
> I've been trying to integrate special markers, or beacons, into the
> audio that give you clues as to where you are. I'm still testing these
> cues to see how effective they are, but do you have other ideas that
> would help you keep the interface straight?
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