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You know.  I somewhat agree with you about the price but here is how I look
at it.  My wife spent 1200 on a monitor of course now you don't have to
spend that much but when she bought the 19 inch flat screen that is what it
cost.  So I really don't mind buying 2 voices for $78 when it in reality is
my monitor




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yes I agree, although if they weren't so bloody expensive I would be willing
to give a couple of the IVONA voices a try

the first listed English female voice, the first listed female British voice
and the third female English voices are rather nice sounding, and that is
one thing I have been looking for is a decent sounding female voice for my




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This is something that is probably very hard to get right. Two of the things
that make me stick with Eloquence are that it emphasizes words usually at
the correct places, and it pauses in the right spots for punctuation. Even
though I like the human voices because they sound like people, I find it
difficult to listen to them for more than a few minutes because I have to
keep translating emphasis in my head.





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