RE: Syntax errors will be the death of me!

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Note you don't have to do the endl on separate lines.  Remember the << is a
pipe of sorts so you just shove the stuff from the one side to the other.
So these two do the same thing.


Cout <<"string';





Cout <<"string"<<endl;




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I see. You are already learning switch statement? That's an impressive

A brief hint: On the following lines, check out the display (cout) code. Do
you notice any difference:

// Jess's version:

cout << "Freshman."; << endl;

// Joseph's version:

cout << "Freshman." << endl;

Notice that there is no semicolon after the text message. If you do put
semicolon, you'll get the syntax error because the compiler couldn't find
the output (cout) operator. A slightly better variation might be:

cout << "Freshman".;

cout << endl;

Another hint (mostly an advice): In the conditional statement, you might
want to try "if" statement versus the "switch" statement. Here's how I would
do it (if I were you):

// Joseph's variation:

// Uses if statement to select a printout message.

if (code == 1)

cout << "Freshman." << endl;

else if (code == 2)

cout << "Sophomore." << endl;

else if (code == 3)

cout << "Junior." << endl;

else if (code == 4)

cout << "Senior." << endl;


cout << "Error: invalid code!" << endl;

I (or someone) will explain the previous code in a sec.






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Subject: Syntax errors will be the death of me!


Hey guys,

Here's a code for an assignment which has to be turned in tomorrow. Every
time I try to compile it, Visual Studio keeps telling me I'm missing a ;
before <<

What's wrong?

Code follows:


//Displays a class rank based on a code 

//entered by the user

//Created/revised by <your name> on <current date>


#include <iostream>


using std::cout;

using std::cin;

using std::endl;


int main()


                //declare variable

                int code = 0;


                //enter input

                cout << "Enter the code: ";

                cin >> code;

//enter switch statements



case 1:;

cout << "Freshman. " ; << endl;


case 2:

                cout <<"Sophomore"; << endl;


case 3:

cout << "Junior "; << endl;


case 4:

cout << "Senior" ; << endl;


case 5:

cout << "Error! "; << endl;



//display output


    return 0;

}   //end of main function




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