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applause Chris, smile

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Did you actually read my post before tossing a hissy fit about my last
resort suggestion of legal action or do you have a vocabulary impairment
that led you to first ignore the technical solutions I offered up as
possible ideas for bridging the gap between his need for accessible tools
and his lecturer's history of rejecting his other attempts at doing so on
his own?

If you happened to notice, I included legal action as a last resort - after
trying a number of technical solutions, talking to the professor and, if
none of that worked, going to the Dean of Students and, if the problem still
cannot be resolved, then look into legal action.

If Brown didn't sue the Board of Education and Thurgood Marshall didn't do
such an excellent job of working the case, who knows what might have
happened next in the context of school segregation.  Would you have
suggested that Rosa Parks was nothing more than a trouble maker for sitting
in the no nigger zone on the bus?

What I gleaned from Marvin's post is that he already seems to have talked to
his professor and tried using accessible tools to make a story board which
have been rejected. Specifically, Marvin states, "...sighted students, would
draw navigation and story board diagrams.  now, I had to do this in word
tables and tried html. but my lecturer is still not happy with what i have
come up with."

So, I suggested a few more technical options that he could try but if the
professor has his mind set on a certain look and feel for said story boards
and will continue rejecting Marvin's attempts at finding an accessible
solution then what do you suggest Marvin do in lieu of failing the course
due to the blockheaded lecturer?  Where do you guys suggest he go if all
accessible solutions are rejected?

As we are what the United Nations calls the "most oppressed minority in the world," we need to keep all potential weapons in our arsenal. If that means
finding a technical solution that one's professor (in this case) will
accept, then we have a friendly solution. What do you suggest when friendly
attempts do not result in a positive outcome?

Happy Hacking,

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