Sql server 2005 sp2 warning

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  • Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 07:09:01 -0400

Once service pack 2 gets installed the change/remove programs link in
the control panel will allow you to try to uninstall sql server 2005 and
show you check boxes for components but that uninstall breaks and leaves
several files behind only some of which appear in change/remove
programs.  A possible solution of cleaning out those files; removing
c:\program files\sqlserver\ folder recursively, then cleaning out the
windows registry still fails to result in a clean uninstall.  There are
dll files installed outside c:\program files\sql server\ and those have
left machines in a dirty state until they've had their disks wiped and
had all software and windows reinstalled.  By a clean uninstall, I mean
what's done so the installer program never finds out in this case
sqlserver2005 or software was ever previously installed on a machine
before and installs like it did the first time.  An additional problem I
had was that my C: partition was large enough to take visual studio 2008
and sql server 2005 but was too small to take service pack 2 for sql
server2005 and service pack 2 did not detect that deficiency before it
installed and let me know everything including sql server 2005 would
need to be moved onto my D: partition which does have enough space.  So
if you do get asked to work with sql server 2005 remember this message
and get yourself the technical help you'll need up front.  I only found
out another worker also had run into this problem after discussing it
with her and what she had to have done to solve it.

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