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                JFW 11.0.756 doesn't work at all with silverlight. You'll
get slightly better results with jfw10 that forces IE to use MSAA instead of
UIA somehow.

NVDA's UIA implementation is much better and it  is able to only partially
work with silverlight controls because of 2 reasons:
1. Silverlight controls do not currently (silverlight3) implement all the
control patterns required by UIA. E.g. the silverlight TextBox control does
not implement the Text pattern and only implements the Value pattern. What
this results in is that when in a text box, a screen reader can only read
the existing text; you cannot review the text with the caret or arrow keys.
In the site you've mentioned, try typing something in the search box (you'll
have to tab out of the box and back in to read what you have written).

2. For some silverlight controls that do implement all the required UIA
patterns, like the DataGrid control, NVDA doesn't give any keyboard way of
accessing individual data items. You can get to all the items by using the
object navigation in NVDA but not normally. I am working with the NVDA dev
on this to see if something can be done.

I'll keep this list updated with whatever I find.

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FYI: I just tried the following Silverlight site with the latest versions 
of three screen readers:

It seemed to work well with NVDA 2010.1, worked partially with Window-Eyes 
7.2 public beta 1, and did not work at all with JAWS 11.0.756.

I thought one of the major feature enhancements of JAWS 11 is support for 
UIA, the accessibility API that Silverlight uses instead of MSAA 
(Silverlight controls are a subset of Windows Presentation Foundation, the 
successor to Windows Forms in the .NET Framework).  Is some kind of manual 
configuration needed to make the latest JAWS work with Silverlight?  I 
tried both IE 7 and Firefox 3.6.


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