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Hi Jamal -- Perhaps this is an afterthought, but have you forwarded this 
information to FS support? (They have enough to deal with with the stuff I 
have forwarded to them, but maybe this is something that needs to be 
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FYI: I just tried the following Silverlight site with the latest versions
of three screen readers:

It seemed to work well with NVDA 2010.1, worked partially with Window-Eyes
7.2 public beta 1, and did not work at all with JAWS 11.0.756.

I thought one of the major feature enhancements of JAWS 11 is support for
UIA, the accessibility API that Silverlight uses instead of MSAA
(Silverlight controls are a subset of Windows Presentation Foundation, the
successor to Windows Forms in the .NET Framework).  Is some kind of manual
configuration needed to make the latest JAWS work with Silverlight?  I
tried both IE 7 and Firefox 3.6.


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