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realizing that "sluggish" is subjective, how do you begin to diagnose if you 
think it may be sluggish?



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Speaking of blatant instances of not knowing what one is talking about, one 
really should not throw stones if one lives in a glass house.

GUI instances work just fine on virtual instances, since the exact same 
technologies that allow cli instances to be sped up, do the same for GUI ones. 
There are multiple approaches which the internet has detailed in glorious 
detail for anyone interested. Namely, there is the paravirtualized approach, 
this is what Xen refers to as PV guests, or the fully virtualized approach, 
this is what Xen refers to has HVM guests. Obviously there are other solutions 
such as KVM, which really live in the paravirtualized side of the house, that 
perform similar functions.

In addition, there are other technologies such as quickpathing, pronounced 
quickpathhing, that allow you to get decent graphics performance out of virtual 
instances sufficient to play 3D games, so I’m pretty damn sure they can 
facilitate a desktop windowing environment, regardless of how fancy it may be.

One last thing. None of this matters if it’s remotely accessed, since all 
on-card rendering is done client side, if the server is being remotely accessed 
via VNC, X11 forwarding, or NX protocols.

Now, to address Katherine’s setup:

Katherine, I’d recommend that you install VMTools, essentially turning it into 
a paravirtualized instance, and you’ll be just fine running it in VMPlayer. 
VMPlayer started out as what’s called a binary rewriter, or binary translation, 
but now is essentially a system virtualization solution, which means that it 
can take full advantage of a lot of the features on your Intel or AMD processor 
on that laptop of yours. You might need to enable a few things in the BIOS to 
make it even faster, and I’ll be happy to help you with that if you’d like.

Take care,
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If you're using cli, these friends don't know what they're talking 
about--virtual instances are just fine. Hell, there are enterprize level sites 
ran out of the cloud, which is *gasp* virtual. My servers are virtual instances 
on big boxes with tons and tons of ram, and they run perfectly. Now, if you 
want a GUI... At least for Vinux, virtual does "blow," because it's slow, laggy 
and painfully slow.
On 5/16/2011 12:44 PM, Katherine Moss wrote:

Speaking of virtual, and sorry to get off topic, but I’m curious.  I plan to 
run a virtual instance of Open Suse from Novell on my laptop using VMware 
player starting this summer.  I want to get acquainted with the Unix 
environment just for the heck of it, but two of my friends say that virtual 
instances of any Linux distro don’t work very well and that they “blow”.  What 
do you have to say about that?  Do you agree or disagree?  I ask because I want 
this to be a cool experience rather than a waste of my time.  Thanks.

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Hi Storm,

Very cool. What does someone need to take the class? I have Vinux Virtual on my 
machine at home.


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It looks good. The only thing is, although you mension the Vinux Project you do 
not make it a link. It should link to:
Also, if you would like another bash resource I have been teaching a class in a 
new Vinux experiment called Vinux Classes. It's an irc chat room set up 
specifically for teaching Vinux related classes. All the classes are logged and 
are located at:


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I took the liberty to add the information Don provided about Bash scripting to
 Would someone please check this page for accuracy?



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