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Why you don't like vs? It is one of the best IDE. Yes, designing forms etc can be tough. But with JAWS scripts for visual studio installed, the ide isn't that of a problem if you are not too much in to the form designer.

Yes it is possible to use just the notepad for writing the code and using command line for compiling etc (In fact I had to do that for developing in vs2003).
But you would miss the code completion feature of vs.
Also there are many command line arguments you would have to provide, for example, names of the assemblies to reference etc. Also the forms designer creates a lot of code for us e.g controls you put on the designer which you will have to manually do if you are not using an IDE.
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Hi all, I was wondering what experiences any of you could share about using any of the .net framework languages outside of Visual Studio? It's obviously very powerful stuff and stuff I need to be comfortable with, but I really just am not finding that I like the VS experience. Apparently I can work with my text editor of choice unhindered with the .net SDK, but I wanted to know if there are any other practical hurdles I've overlooked. I don't know many folks that do their .net in something other than Visual Studio, and I imagine there's a good reason why. Apologies if it seems I"m cutting some corners here too, I do have a programming class this semester centered around .net, hence the inquiry itself, and I'm really trying to find an alternative for VS or at least figure out VS real quickly, because it's sure making this course irritating. Not a lot of fun when 30% seems to be software dev and the other 70% seems to be fighting with the IDE.Any thoughts welcome.


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