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let say that ruby has some developed already parts very easy to use.
In 2 minutes you can do a blog app or some of the popular styles of web sites. Drupal, joomla and others have a learning curve bigger than ruby and its frameworks. Unfortunately major hosting companies offer only php and perl, rarely you find python and ruby.

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Hi Jamal,
Can you elaborate on why you think this? I know that Python has frameworks like this. And there are the popular packages like Plone, Jumla, Drupal, and others I can't think of right now.



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Subject: Seeking co-learners in Ruby on Rails development

  As you may know, Ruby on Rails is a popular web application
framework.  Its official web site is

Besides documentation there, I found an excellent tutorial at

I have included a text version of that tutorial, as well as many others
on the Ruby language and Rails package, in the archive

After extensive research on web content management systems and
application frameworks, I have decided that Rails is currently the best
fit for some sites I want to be able to do.  Its power comes with
complexity, however, and, unfortunately, there are less resources
available for helping Windows developers use this framework compared to
Mac or Linux developers (I would develop on Windows and then deploy on a
Linux web host).

So, I thought it could benefit my self-learning if other blind
developers were also pursuing that path together.  We could share tips
along the way, hopefully helping one another out of jams, and
reinforcing motivation to continue.

If anyone else on these lists is interested in learning Rails together,
or if you happen to know Rails already and can lend a hand, please speak up.


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