RE: SSIP Project Status

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  • Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 21:23:08 -0600

I am working on the Windows version of the SSIP server. I currently have
a voice interface implementation for Window-Eyes which uses their
existing COM object. I was hoping to use their new COM capability to
finish out a lot of the function calls which currently are not
accessible like setting or retrieving the voice, rate, pitch, or volume.
These functions are all available in the SSIP interface but only the
SAPI configuration lets all be accomplished. 
I'd be interested in talking with your contact at GW to find out exactly
what their interest is in SSIP. Can you put us together? If you want to
send me contact info off list, just send it to jay.macarty@xxxxxxxx 


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        Hi Mac and Guys:
        I was just asked by one of the techies at GW Micro about the
SSIP Project Status.  I'm not sure so I am asking.  Last episode it was
working and getting set to run on various language platforms, sounds
like I know what I'm saying - grin.  Anyway what is the status?
        Is there a url where I can direct him to find out more?  This is
interesting as he is a graybeard Developer over at GW and it is being
asked as WE is getting a new Scripting Language, hmmm.
        Rick Farmington Mich. USA

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