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That is a DataBase that runs as a computer program on your computer. You write 
programs in a computer language like and connect to the DataBase using 
something called a Connection String which connects your program to the 
Sql Server program so you can read and write to the DataBase. You can create a 
DataBase using a language like Express, CSharp Express, Visual Web 
Developer  or do all your Creating and Dropping of the DataBase using a 
diferent program called Sql Server Management Studio Express instead of a 
computer programming language like JAWS works well enough and several 
folks use it with, CSharp and some version of the Sql Server Management 
Studio. I use Windoweyes and manage to get around ok. Make sure you know your 
JAWS some and get the scripts for Visual Studio developed by folks on the Blind 
Programming e-list. There are a couple of pretty good Sql Programmers on this 
list who use JAWS. I, of course, will help too if I can when you have 
questions. Find out asap what language you will need to use to create and 
access your Sql DataBases, that is Visual Basic, CSharp or whether you 
will only be working with Sql Management Server Express since getting around 
these programs is what you will need to do and learning how to use them, from 
an accessibility viewpoint, will save you many headaches when trying to keep up 
with the class assignments.
Rick Farmington Mich. USA
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  Hi, all,
  This term, I'll take an applied SQL course at a college. We'll use Microsoft 
SQL 2005 express software. Is this tool accessible for JFW users? 
  I'm using Windows XP machine with Jaws version 8.
  If you can share me your experience, I appreciate it.
  Kindest regards.

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