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  • Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 17:11:26 -0400


I'm learning ruby, rails and have poked around to see what rails hosting 
options there are.  Below are a few sites I've book marked after having read 
the info on the site fairly thoroughly.

I still haven't decided.  I think I've got to put band width, storage, 
deployment method and other differences into perspective; before I can choose.  
The one thing I have started picking up around the net is that if your rails 
app is going to have lots (say several thousand) users, people are turning to a 
"mongrel cluster" with apache or lighttpd as the front end reverse proxy.  I 
won't need anyting like this in the beginning; however, I do know that people 
say ror apps require more machine power then php or perl.

Of all the hosting sites I've looked  at seems to be 
pushing support for mongrel as there strong suit.

Hope this helps


Hosting Rails

Blue Hosting

Engine Yard

Ruby On Rails - Reviews (rails hosting site)

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On 10/31/2007 at 12:05 PM Jamal Mazrui wrote:

>Thanks for the suggestion.  I had actually looked at that site since you
>and Sina have recommended it for other reasons.  Unfortunately, I found
>its Ruby on Rails instructions to be a confusing jumble of sometimes
>contradictory information posted by different users of the knowledgebase
>wiki.  So far, looks better for Ruby on Rails services,
>but I'm still interested in comparisons and personal experiences on this
>topic.  Although I know Ruby, I'm new to the Rails framework, so want a
>hosting company with strong beginner support in this area.
>On Wed, 31 Oct
>2007, Chris Hofstader wrote:

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