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To Whomsoever it May Concern,
I am an ICT and Computing teacher and researcher from Leicester. Although 
previously my research activities have centred on arts education for students 
who are blind and visually impaired (please see my website
I have recently started a new research project, investigating the computer 
teaching of students who are blind and visually impaired.
The project, named COMBINE (COMputing and Blindness IN Education) involves the 
interviewing of early blind and late blind computer programmers - these can be 
web designers as well as computer programmers - to discover how they 
conceptualise programs in their minds. For example, Ho do programmers imagine 
an icon placed on a screen? How do programmers conceptualise text boxes and 
radio buttons in a "visual"  language? How do programmers conceptualise 
programming a resizeable webpage?
As part of this project I was hoping to interview a number of blind and 
visually impaired people who program computers in order to develop case studies 
of individual's experiences. This is initially through an extended 
questionnaire sent as an email attachment, and then as a telephone/Skype 
If you would be willing to participate in this research, please reply to this 
Thankyou in advance for your time.
Simon Hayhoe
Dr Simon Hayhoe
Head of ICT
Leicester Grammar School
8, Peacock Lane
Leicester LE1 5PX

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