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Hi, Kelly. I think you should purchase Visual Studio 2008 express adition. It will have Visual Basic in it. Then I would start reading the book Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2008 Step by Step. You can find the book on Microsoft's training web site. I think there is a cd version of the book, but I'm not sure. Here is a link that goes directly to a discription of the book on the microsoft press book web site.

Gilbert Neiva

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I'm trying to get into programming, and decided to use Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. I haven't quite figured out how to write programs with it, other than the "Hello World" example. I'm actually used to typing in code (similar to when I used to write programs in GW Basic for DOS years ago), rather than have an IDE do it for me. Is it possible to type in VB code by hand, and if so, are there any good resources for learning about this? Alternatively, is there a better Windows language suitable for this? I want to start out by writing simple programs, such as a multiple choice trivia game, or even a Guess The Number thing. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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