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hey Jim, there is, or is, a Microsoft media control in VB, and I think its available in C#, but for all you wish to do I think direct x is the way you want to go, and MS has a nice sdk with examples and all that you should need ready to download.

I'm sure that there are many others you can use, but DX seems to satisfy all who have needed it to my knowledge.

and to modify and or generate sound yes you will need something, gold wave should be able to satisfy your needs, though I would go with either .wav or .ogg files instead of midi's, they sound so flatly artificial

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Subject: Questions About Making Or Controlling Sounds

Does anyone know where I can read about using C# to manipulate sounds? At
this point I'm unsure of specific questions about code, but here is some
general direction about what I want to do. I have a game I'd like to try to
computerize if possible.

Create a sound if necessary.
Possibly use my sound card to play music using its standard MIDI sounds.
Play a sound.
Pan a sound as it is playing.
Control how loudly or softly a sound plays.
Play a background sound loop.
Make sounds play based on an event like a key press.

I guess it would be good if I could find some sounds I could just use
royalty-free, but that would be a bonus.

Would I need to use a program like Goldwave to work with my sounds? I have
Goldwave already.


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