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Hi Alex,
I encourage you to stick with EdSharp, drop using PyBrace, and get used to 
dealing with the indentation. Either use a JAWS indentation scheme or the 
EdSharp ability to tell you the indent level. Also investigate the EdSharp 
commands that have to do with blocks of code. I really think you will be more 
happy in EdSharp than you will with a whole new editor. And if you get used to 
coding in pure Python, you won't forget to put the colons in.


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Hi all,
I am wondering if there is an accessible editor specifically for
Python? Edsharp's pydent/pybrace are good, but they mean you have to
manage two sets of files, so if you misplace even one brace, you will
freeze Edsharp.

I am wondering if there is an editor that will auto-indent as you
type, maybe with navigation features to move to the next highest
block, or by a given block (function by function, for example)? I have
never come across one, but I could have missed it...

Have a great day,
Alex (msg sent from GMail website)
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