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Hi Richard and Chris,
You are right. This program has functions above where I grabbed the code. This 
is a dictionary of functions that are going to get called by a loop, which I am 
going to ask about next.



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Your dictionary entries are all of the form:
'key': target

Your keys must be immutable like a string, tuple, number and so forth.

Your target can be almost anything like a string, tuple, list, function and so 
forth.  Since your targets are not quoted, they are not strings.  In addition 
each target, like death, must have been defined previously in your current 
module or some module you have already imported.



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I have lots of questions about the current Python exercise I'm working on, so 
I'll just ask one at a time. Hope you have lots of patience.

First question. I think I should be getting a compiler error but I'm not. I 
thought I had to put some sort of quotes around this code after the commas. Why 
is this compiling OK?

ROOMS = { 'death': death,
  'princess_lives_here': princess_lives_here,
  'gold_koi_pond': gold_koi_pond,
  'big_iron_gate': big_iron_gate,
  'bear_with_sword': bear_with_sword



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