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  • From: Jamal Mazrui <empower@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 10:31:17 -0400 (EDT)

As I said, if you know what you are doing -- as you do -- go for it.  A
beginning Python programmer would not be using the with statement or
care that a large sort is a bit faster in Python 3.0.  The
incompatibilities, however, will trip them up.

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Jun 2009, Ken Perry wrote:

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> This is not true.  I agree that 2.5 is the most used right now but I totally
> disagree that there are no real new features.  The multiprocessing is a big
> one and the with statement is another big one.  What I do so that it don't
> interfere with other programs is install it with 2.5 they will run side by
> side all you do is install it and relink the python application with
> python2.5  Then when you want to run a python application in 2.6 you either
> put #!/usr/bin/python2.6 in the top or you use python2.6
> Those are not the only two big changes either they are just the two biggest
> that are making a difference in some of the things I am writing.  I will
> also point out that I have found it runs a small bit faster on a bubble sort
> running 100,000 random numbers through the loop.  They are the same run of
> numbers for each test and it consistently comes out a small bit faster than
> 2.5.  It comes out even faster if you use some of the advanced looping
> features.
> Also the garbage collector is a bit smarter which makes for a much better
> time for all.
> Ken
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> To any beginning Python programmers, this is the version I recommend using
> rather than 2.6 or 3.x.  If you know what you are doing and have a
> specific need to use the later versions, then go for it.  Otherwise, you
> will probably encounter compatibility problems with popular 3rd party
> Python libraries, including py2exe -- the one that lets you create
> independent executables on Windows.  In my opinion, there is almost no
> functionality that one loses by using 2.5 at this time.  2.6 and 3.x are
> mainly a matter of syntax changes and re-organization of built-in modules
> so far.
> This is not a disapproval of the direction the Python language is
> going -- just a reality check on what is working well at present, so
> beginners can minimize headaches.
> Jamal
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