Re: Programming in autoit question, How do you order things

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what do you mean. I need to know what's happening before I help.

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  Okay here is my script:
  ;creates a dummy window, and displays a message box when things are pressed.

  #include <GuiConstants.au3>

  #include <misc.au3>

  GuiCreate("Alien Obduction", 100, 100)

  ;create voice object




  while (GuiGetMsg()<>$GUI_EVENT_CLOSE)

  if (_IsPressed("58")) then

  $sapi.speak("Good by.", 1).




  if (_IsPressed("53")) then

  $sapi.speak("Okay lets begin! You wake up in a strange place. Dimmly you 
become aware of your surroundings. You look around slowly. Where are you? What 
is going on? These are things that you plan to try and anser. You strech and 
look around. It seems to be some kind of operating room but you don't recognize 
any of the things you see. You do however notice an I V like device inserted in 
your arm. Do you dare pull it out? Press y for yes or n for no. ", 1)



  if (_IsPressed("59")) then





  func Message()

  $sapi.speak("Are you ready? Press s to start or press x to exit.", 1)


  Func e1()

  $sapi.speak("You grab ahold and pull. Aww! It hurt but its over with now your 
free to stand up. Where would you like to go? The door d or the large machine 
m.", 1)


  Okay I would like the events to happen in order. 

  What is currently happening is it is not running in stages,. Follow the 
gameline and listen to it. I can not explain everything that is happening.

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