RE: Programming for Desktop Verses Programming on Pocket PC

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This will depend on the libraries you use.  For example if you some how get
boost libraries to compile for the pocket pc and use them to create your
software on both pocket pc and on desktop then the executables will be close
tot he same size.  Like the other poster that answered this question said
the libraries made specially for the pocket pc and hand held computers are
stripped down so that you can make the software smaller.    

The problems I ran into when porting my Yahtzee program back and forth from
XP to Win CE was the space on the display.  now you might think that doesn't
matter for programming for blind folks but as soon as you start making sure
your software works for Braille output devices you will find we also have to
make sure our screen layouts are as good as those sited programmers make.

One important thing to do when creating software for a pocket pc and the
desk top is always start with the small device.  All the things on the small
device are normally available on the desktop p but a good 40% of the stuff
on the desktop is not as easy to do on the Pocket pc.  This  is changing
with windows mobile 5 and 6 but if you want your software to run on a  lot
of devices you may not be able to use .net because some devices will not run
some versions of .net.  There is a lot to this and really the only way to
learn is to dive in and write some programs for the pocket device and see
how it goes.  I have done this lots though and I will warn you if you start
with the desktop and try to back port it you are going to run into lots of


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Hi all,

Got a simple question...

Is it easier to write an app for a pocket PC device or for a desktop OS such
as Windows? In other words, if I were writing a calculator for a pocket PC
or desktop OS, both containing the same calculator features, would they both
necessitate the same size executables? I'm wondering if one platform might
add much more functionality with less coding overhead. The ultimate goal is
to have many of the Microsoft windows calculator features on a pocket PC
without a huge file overloading my device's ram or OS. Any suggestions?



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